A Fire Door is a critical safety feature of a building, providing a barrier to prevent or delay the spread of fire and smoke in order to allow occupants to evacuate to a place of safety. 

Every fire door is therefore required to act as a barrier to the passage of smoke and/or fire to varying degrees depending upon its location in a building and the fire hazards associated with that building. 


GSH Projects can offer a full turnkey service from the initial fire assessment right through to installation and regular inspection. GSH and Partners Fire Door Inspectors are fully LPCB accredited to undertake a range of fire door inspections and certifications. We regularly undertake inspections in hospitals, office blocks, university campuses and student halls of residence to ensure the doors on your site comply with all relevant regulations and are in the right condition to help protect lives in the event of a blaze.

Our experts check a range of things on each door set-

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  • The correct fire rating for its location

  • Correct fitting

  • No impairing damage

  • Has the right hardware and closers

  • All hardware functioning correctly

  • Has the right intumescent strips

  • Is properly identified on both the door signage and in the building’s asset register

  • Where appropriate, has the right type of glazing and that it is fitted correctly

On completion of your Fire Door Inspection, you will be provided with a detailed report describing each door’s condition, stating any necessary remedial work. The report includes a Fire Strategy outlining the work required to rectify any defects and non compliant doors with a detailed quote for the works to be carried out.


GSH Projects are registered in Building Research Establishment’s (BRE) core passive installer schemes; LPS 1271 for installing fire door sets and soon to be LPS 1197 for inspecting, repairing and maintaining fire door sets.

All our fire doors are supplied in accordance with the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) and come complete with a certificate and relevant markings to verify the doors integrity. LPCB is the leading international Certification Body in the fields of security and fire protection, approved and recognised by governments and regulatory authorities across the world.

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